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The Photographic Memory of Egypt program [PME] introduces a new approach to understanding and treating photographs: one based on appreciating photographs as physical objects (artifacts), as historical documents, and as the cultural production of an individual. We encourage the proper handling of photographs, and the collecting and preservation of all relevant associated material and data. We strive to ensure open access to these collections and associated material.

Untitled, circa 1900, unspecified location in Egypt, from the E.Cumbo Collection, Photographer: attributed to E. Cumbo, digital scan from glass negative, wet colloidal process, original dimension undefined, ©BA/CULTNAT, unrestricted.
Na’ima al-Misriyya (center) with husband, and daughter Fardous & friends, 1929, Lebanon, from the Naima al-Misriyya Collection, Photographer: unknown; silver gelatin - toned, 6.5 x 11 cm, ©BA/CULTNAT, restricted.
Untitled, circa 1900, unspecified location in Egypt, from 19thC travellers collection, Photographer unknown, silver gelatin - toned, 9 x 14.75 cm, ©BA/CULTNAT unrestricted
Untitled, circa 1920, Saqqara, Egypt, from Sayyid Abdellatif Rushdie Collection Photographer: Ahsan Ahmed Ibrahim, silver gelatin - toned, 6.5cm x 11cm, ©BA/CULTNAT unrestricted
Untitled, circa 1940, Port Said, Egypt, from Port Said Collection Photographer: unknown, digital scan, original undefined, ©BA/CULTNAT unrestricted
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